Vitamin D Sunlight

Vitamin D sunlight?

Technically this search phrase suggests that vitamin D gives off sunlight, but don't worry ...we understand. ;)

It’s that giant, life giving ball of energy, high in the sky that sends its ultraviolet rays down to planet earth and keeps us all alive.

It’s an absolute miracle that those sun rays can penetrate our bodies and cause it to produce our own vitamin D.

No one but our Creator could provide such a strong positive force. The sun is far more beneficial than any other source of vitamin D available.

Sunshine vitamin D

It is an awesome gift that we have nicknamed “Sunshine Vitamin D.”

Our Creator made our bodies so that we cannot overdose on vitamin D from the sun.

That could not be said about vitamin D supplements. However, with supplements, it would take MASSIVE doses over an extended period of time.

During the summer months, sunbathing for several hours a week provides a sufficient source of vitamin D. Within 30 minutes of sunshine exposure your skin produces more than 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D from the sun. Beyond this point, as soon as you see your skin turn a very light shade of pink, then there is no more benefit.

That is to say …the vitamin D benefits have stopped and skin damage begins.

You are aging and wrinkling your skin and you are raising your risk for skin cancer, including melanoma.

Like all things in life that are good for us, our exposure to the sun must be done in moderation.

If you are one who does not do any sunbathing, literally, and your exposure to sunshine is limited by clothing and time as you go about your daily routines, then you should be using a vitamin D3 supplement.

Include foods rich in Vitamin d in your daily diet, but don’t rely on food only to supply an adequate level to you. That would be a difficult task.

Never neglect using sunscreen and protective clothing when in the sun for extended periods, such as driving or about daily outside activity.

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Updated July 1, 2015


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Bottom Line
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Don’t put your very life at risk!