Do you have vitamin d deficiency symptoms?

Any of the vitamin D deficiency symptoms could show up if you have had a lack of vitamin D for an extended period of time. Avoiding the sun, out of a fear of skin cancer is a big culprit. Obesity is another.

These deficiency symptoms mainly show up within the musculoskeletal system, which are your muscles and bones.

You could experience muscle pain, muscle weakness, bone pain and fragility at any age.

If the deficiency is severe it could result in softening of the bones or osteoporosis.

In children this condition is called rickets.


Some other Vitamin D deficiency symptoms could be:

• Depression
• Chronic depression
• Chronic fatigue
• Autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, certain cancers and heart disease

Vitamin D deficiency may not be a major factor in these symptoms but rather a contributing factor. Any deficiency that breaks down the immune system is a factor with any disease, including skin cancer.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women

It is very important for women, especially if pregnant or planning to have a child, not to be lacking in Vitamin D.  A vitamin D deficiency could affect the fetus and could even result in a newborn with rickets or fractures.  If an infant is born with this serious of a Vitamin D deficiency the child would have softening of the entire skull and other possible conditions of the skull.  As the child grows, walking could be painful and they could develop such deformities as knock knees or bow legs. 


If you think you might be experiencing any deficiency symptoms there is a simple Vitamin D blood test you can request. 

I would definitely recommend that you see a holistic doctor of natural medicine for this blood test.

Since holistic doctors are not as readily available as medical doctors, you might have to look in the yellow pages or do a Google search for your area. Asking at a local health food store might help.

You can go to a medical doctor for this test, but usually they don’t have the training to order the correct test. If you do go to a medical doctor be sure he orders the correct test.

You may well find a clinic in your area that is experienced in giving blood tests for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Clink Here to Find One


If you do see a medical doctor, it could be helpful to bring the following information with you.

The Vitamin D blood test is called one of the four given below:

Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy level …or… 25(OH) D level …or… 25OHD level …or… 25 hydroxyvitamin d level 



You can take control of your own health.

Sometimes it takes an experienced practitioner of alternative medicine to help you achieve this.



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