The sun protection umbrella evolved from ancient times

The idea of a sun protection umbrella most probably has its origin in China during the 11th century B.C.. There’s no doubt to me that the actual idea of sun protection goes back to the Garden of Eden.

Umbrellas have evolved a lot through the ages.  Parasols, as they were called, were evidenced in Egypt around 1200 B.C. It was a sign of nobility to have fair skin and these parasols were used by royalty to keep their skin from tanning.

During these ancient times, I don’t know how much association went on in respect to correlating lesions on the skin with sun damage. It wasn’t until the 1700’s and 1800’s that the first recorded awareness of skin cancer was made known. Those who used them were not aware they may be  preventing a disease we know as skin cancer.

So, sun protection umbrellas have had their place for a long time and I must say there’s been some very cool umbrellas throughout history.

We’ve had them being used as a sun protection umbrella and also a rain protection umbrella and at one point it was widely considered `unmanly` for a man to use one. He would be ridiculed if seen doing so.

It was during the late 1600’s and early 1700’s that a waterproof umbrella was established.

Later, during the mid 18th century, a philanthropist and pioneer named Jonas Hanway began to walk about the streets of London using an umbrella as a daily practice. This practice finally caught on and he was even mistakenly recognized as the inventor of the umbrella.

Through the umbrella’s evolution, up to today, it’s been called a parasol for protection from the sun or an umbrella for protection from the rain. It’s had tiers and tassels to please royalty and later on as a stylish and cool umbrella.

It’s good that it survived history and all of the beliefs, opinions and perspectives that countries and cultures have imposed on such a useful and unique invention. It’s survival through time is now passed to us to protect from the rain and overexposure to ultraviolet rays as well.

In these modern times it is marketed in diverse ways to cover whatever situation we are in that presents the risk of overexposure, sunburn and skin damage.

Everyone should be prepared with an umbrella or some type of sun shelter as needed.

If you’re headed for the beach or lake, use a beach umbrella. If selling goods outside, such as a market, you might want a rectangular market umbrella. If you’re walking with your infant or toddler you might want to buy the best umbrella stroller to shield your child from overexposing to ultraviolet rays.

Thinking of having a party at the poolside or on your patio?

Protect your guests from the sun with a cinzano umbrella.

They’re cool!



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Hi! My name is Nick and I’m 56 yrs. old and this is part of my story. Let me tell you, I was like a lot of people out there and I had no idea that skin cancer was anything bad. I had Basal cell back in 2007, but that was no big deal and it was removed and that was the end of that. No one told me that it was a type of skin cancer (I looked it up on my computer). But still no big deal, it would not kill me.
But I did know the word "Melanoma"....." --by Nick

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Our Cancer Stories are so similar, mine and Gary's! - by Valerie  

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Bottom Line
The Weather Channel has done well posting this information and photos to help you spot skin cancer, including melanoma.
It can be hard to spot, even for a professional.
The bottom line is to get an expert's opinion about any suspicious mole or lesion on your skin. If necessary, get a second opinion  and/or request a biopsy. it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t put your very life at risk!