Skin cancer remedy that worked now unable to find.

by Louise Jennings
(Wilmington, DE, USA)

About 10 years ago I read an article by Dr. David Williams in his newsletter.

He related how he had trekked the outback of Australia and came across cattle that grazed outside in the hot Aussie sun and never contracted skin cancer (which is common among other cattle).

The field they were grazing in had a plant that contained glycoalkyloids that kept their muzzles clean and smooth.

He then formulated a product called "Skin Advantage" that really worked.

I have personally removed four lesions. Two from my face, and one from my arm - but I have nearly used up my supply and am unable to obtain any more.

The FDA evidently confiscated this miracle gel and the Mountain Home Nutritionals people who distributed it will not talk about it.

The product was manufactured in Australia.

If anyone knows how this company can be reached to find out if they still make it and how I could obtain it, I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

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Curaderm from Australia
by: Gary

Here's a product that I recently found out about.

It's called Curaderm-bec5.

It's been used for years in Australia and is available in the U.S. as well.

Dr. Oz had Dr. Mercola on his program and they talked about how it can cure non-melanoma skin cancers.

On this site, hit the Search button and type in "curaderm" for more information about it.

Cansema salve?
by: Gary

Hi Louise,

In just the little research I've done, I haven't found anything on "Skin Advantage".

I have found some information on a remedy called Cansema Salve, but the FDA has not allowed the sale of this in the U.S. for over 5 years.

Here are some testimonies of the product/salve.

I found a recipe for it, if you can round up the ingredients.
Here's the recipe:

There is a link to Alpha Omega Labs in the Bahamas as a company you can order from, but I'm not clear if what they have on their site is the full strength for the U.S. I would say NOT, as they would be in trouble with the FDA.

I have never tried the recipe, so I can't speak with any authority about it.

If any body out there has used it or knows somebody who has, tell us about it.

But Hey, Has any body heard of Skin Advantage or know if it's still available any where in the world?

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