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To show appreciation to those of you who visit my website I wrote a handy, condensed Skin Cancer Guide with all the basic information to make you aware of the dangers of skin cancer.

Keep it around the house, carry it with you when you go to the beach or lake. You'll find it handy anytime you plan on spending time in the sun!

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Risk Factors

• Skin Complexion

• Freckles or moles

• Sun Burn

• Overexposure

• History

• Tanning Beds


• Start Young

• Avoid Sunburn

• Avoid Excessive Tanning

• Length Of Time In The Sun

• Sunscreen

• Wear Protective Clothing

• Beach Umbrellas

• Self Skin Exams


• Skin Exam

• Medical History

• Biopsy

• Staging


• Simple or Extensive

• Cryosurgery

• Currettage And Desiccation

• Surgical Excision

• Mohs Surgery

• Radiation Therapy

• Chemotherapy

• Chemotherapy Topical Cream

Alternative Practices

• What Questions To Ask Your Alternative Professional

Sun Safety Checklist

• Here’s what to bring along on vacation or a day at the beach, lake or just out in the sun.

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