One of the medicinal uses of aloe vera is a sunburn remedy

One of the medicinal uses of aloe vera is that it can be used as a natural sunburn remedy. So when you do overdo it in the sun, you can rely on the best remedy I have found …pure aloe vera.

It was my wife who first introduced me to this plant. I grew up in New England, a colder climate than Tennessee, I didn’t know what an aloe vera plant looked like nor did I know any of the medicinal uses of aloe vera.

My wife has always kept an aloe plant around the house. In the warm weather it’s kept outside enjoying the sunshine and when the danger of a frost comes, it comes inside the house in front of a window for the winter.

Aloe vera gel benefits for burns and sunburn

The first time I got to experience the aloe vera gel benefits was on a Thanksgiving Day when I was baking the turkey in the oven.

I pulled it out of the oven to check it and I did something to cause some of the 350 degree broth to spill out on the palm of my hand. –Explicit +#% !! PAIN!!!!

Right away we cut off a leaf, cut away the spiked edges, sliced it down the middle exposing the inner gel, placed the gel side directly on the burn and wrapped it up.

It was amazing, the pain was relieved immediately!

...Talk about the medicinal uses of aloe vera ...this stuff really works!

I reapplied fresh aloe vera a few times a day and did that for about 2-3 days. It never blistered and healed quickly (pain free) , leaving no scars or damage to my skin.

I started listening to my wife about the medicinal uses of aloe vera (there’s many others) and I have always benefited.

I know it’s not easy to always have an aloe vera plant available, but you can find Aloe Vera Juice in many stores like WalMart, Sams and health food stores, but do try to find a plant in a garden center somewhere.

The aloe vera juice health benefits can come from drinking the juice or applying it topically to treat burns or sunburn.

I drink the juice almost every day and use it on my skin whenever necessary.

Dr. Josh Axe shows you how to make a sunburn remedy with aloe vera juice and some essential oils.

Other common medicinal uses of aloe vera as a juice or a gel applied topically

• Acne

• Abrasions

• Aging spots

• Allergies

• Arthritis pain

• Asthma

• Athletes foot

• Chronic fatigue

• Cold sores

• Colitis

• Constipation

• Cuts

• Digestive problems

• Ear aches

• Eye irritations

• Headache

• Gum infections

• Hemorrhoids and bleeding piles

• Infections

• Insomnia

• Irregularity

• Kidney stones

• Menstrual cramps

• Poison Ivy/Oak

• Psoriasis and eczema

• Sinus infections

• Skin and scalp dryness

• Sore throats

• Stings

• Stomach disorders

• Sunburn

• Ulcers

• Vaginitis

• Varicose veins

• Yeast infections

• Viruses

• Warts

One thing I have to add to that list is a swelled up bump on the head.

As I mentioned earlier, my wife always kept an aloe vera plant at home. What I didn’t tell you was she kept one at my place of work also.

One day a number of years ago I bent down to do something and on my way up I hit my forehead on a several hundred pound metal firing kiln. ……IT HURT …I MEAN BAD!!!

Again I went straight to the aloe vera plant, cut off a leaf, applied the gel side to my forehead on the marble size, bleeding bump and tied it on with a bandana.

I started feeling relief right away and by the time I got home later the bump was gone and it was healing very well.

So keep this in mind if you should ever get sunburn. You can minimize the damage and help protect against skin cancer.

It doesn’t hurt to try it on a lot of things as aloe vera has many medicinal uses.

I don’t know of any bad side effects.

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