Know how to build immune system and help prevent skin cancer.

Knowing how to build immune system is not only the key to help prevent skin cancer, but to help in the prevention of all disease.

When I say "all disease", I mean that really, with the exception of some genetic diseases that may not be reversed!

Let's take a look at something as simple and common as allergies.

Have you noticed how every year there seems to be a significant increase in the number of people getting allergies? ...And there's always these new things that people are allergic to.

The truth is that most things that cause allergies have been around since, who knows when?

You know pollen, dust, animals, mold, etc.

It seems like the further back in time we go, there were less people affected; those culprits were around then, too.

I don't think that people were so conscious of building their immune system. But rather, food in past times was less processed and there was an absence of so many over the counter drugs and prescription medicines.

So as we look back in time, people seemed to eat healthier food for the immune system.

Granted, we have a lot more toxic substances in our environment these days and that certainly contributes to allergies and chronic disease, but the other stuff has always been with us.

So what I’m saying is, we have to be serious about diet, supplements and exercise to build up immune system.

Sorry to say, but all the processed food, sugar and chemicals that most grocery stores provide us with, just don't get it.

Our fruits and vegetables come from nutritionally depleted, chemically enriched soil and gets treated with pesticides.

We can't even be sure our "organic foods" are growing in rich fertile soil in order to provide us with all the vitamins and minerals they should supply.

This is a good reason to supplement, and the quality of the supplements you choose is highly important.

Allergies are signs that our immune system has been weakened. We need to learn how to build immune system to prevent skin cancer and other serious diseases that are becomming more and more common.

Good health comes from a strong immune system and better health brings more enjoyment.

The Quick Fix on How to Build Immune System?

Nowadays, the average person probably thinks of an immune system booster as a high energy drink with artificial sweeteners, caffein, coloring and flavoring.

Oh yeh, they throw in some vitamins and minerals, but in my opinion, they're doing more harm than good.

Another one is the super immune system booster pill pack, you can grab real quick at the convenience store, and be done with it.

I'm just having fun here, but I am serious. I'm sure some of this stuff may be good?, but I'm also sure a lot of it is not what it's cracked up to be.

Medicating the symptoms?

There’s a big reliance on over-the-counter and prescription medicines to get rid of all the symptoms, without addressing the problem.

This is, most definately, not how to build immune system.

These things do have their place but it should not be considered the long term solution.

The real focus needs to be on what caused the ailment or, what caused the disease.

If anyone asks me how to prevent skin cancer, the answer is simple for me. It’s about learning how to build immune system, your diet, lifestyle and continuing to eat foods for the immune system.

It's never too late to start.

The Real Fix


Eat a well balanced diet of whole foods.

Organic whole grains (the kind you find in bins at the health food store), organic vegetables (if available or within budget), leafy greens, carrots, onions, squash and fruit are among some to be included in a daily diet.

I include some wild caught fish in my diet and on rare occasions other chemical free meat in small portions.

There are things to be avoided and some are not easy to give up.

If you have skin cancer or another disease and are serious about overcoming it, you need to just plant your feet in the ground and give them up.

Some of these things are soft drinks, coffee, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and processed sugars, shellfish, pork, unfiltered tap water and more…

Supplements vs No Supplements

There are some who say, not to use supplements and others who say, yes, supplement.

I find it necessary to supplement my diet with some good quality whole food vitamins and minerals.

Even when you buy organic foods, that is not a guarantee that the nutrients that should be in there are. Lots of minerals have been depleted from the ground in many farming areas.

Our bodies need a proper amount of vitamins and minerals to function properly and strengthen our immune system.

I say yes, we all need to supplement.

PH Balance

We need a proper PH balance for the prevention of skin cancer and any other disease.

Our PH balance is the balance between acidity and alkalinity. We need to maintain a balance slightly on the alkaline side to fight off disease.

The diet I chose to fight my skin cancer was called The Cancer Prevention Diet. It’s in a book, by the same name, written by Michio Kushi.

I followed it rigidly for about 8 years and it did wonders for me. The whole focus of this diet is on the PH balance.

Another book I picked up a few years ago is called “Empowering Your Health” by Dr. Asa Andrew.

His focus is on natural medicine.

The information in these let's us know how to build immune system and can be picked up in most book stores or at Amazon.

Thanks for visiting this page and come back, as I will be adding more.

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Hi! My name is Nick and I’m 56 yrs. old and this is part of my story. Let me tell you, I was like a lot of people out there and I had no idea that skin cancer was anything bad. I had Basal cell back in 2007, but that was no big deal and it was removed and that was the end of that. No one told me that it was a type of skin cancer (I looked it up on my computer). But still no big deal, it would not kill me.
But I did know the word "Melanoma"....." --by Nick

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Bottom Line
The Weather Channel has done well posting this information and photos to help you spot skin cancer, including melanoma.
It can be hard to spot, even for a professional.
The bottom line is to get an expert's opinion about any suspicious mole or lesion on your skin. If necessary, get a second opinion  and/or request a biopsy. it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t put your very life at risk!