Eggplant extract – an alternative natural skin cancer cream

There are reports as early as the year 1825 about this eggplant extract remedy for non-melanoma skin cancer and other similar plants from the Solanaceae family. 

The extracts from plants like eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers and tobacco were found to be effective in treating cancer and may cure skin cancer that is not melanoma.

The most recent research on eggplant used for treating skin cancer has been done by Dr. Cham who has spent over 25 years developing a product he has called Curaderm BEC5.

Eggplant - The extract can be a skin cancer cure.

It is a non-invasive treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer and it could be your answer to eliminate skin cancer and the invasive surgery that could accompany it. After destroying all of the cancerous cells, the healing process begins and you may well be left without even a trace of a scar.


This natural skin  cancer cream could eliminate much stress and the possibility of reconstructive surgery in the future.

Non-melanoma Skin Cancers such as Basal Cell and Squamous Carcinoma present themselves in the most noticeable upper layer of the skin where there would be a concern about the cosmetic results of the treatment and the possibility of skin cancer reconstructive surgery.

In most cases, Curaderm completely eradicates basal cell carcinoma skin cancer and it rarely returns. You may experience some stinging and reddening around the area. It shows that the natural ingredients of the eggplant are working to destroy the cancer cells.

The healthy cells do not get harmed.

It also works on sun damaged, dry scaly skin (Actinic Keratosis or Solar Keratosis) and other common age spots that increase the risk of skin cancer.

Listen to Dr. Bill Cham who developed this natural eggplant extract skin cancer remover. 

Curaderm is an alternative skin cancer remedy made from eggplant and does not affect healthy cells, yet destroys cancer cells!

Dr. Bill Cham who researched and developed Curaderm, has written a medical book in full color, titled "The Eggplant Cancer Cure." The book is not only of interest to health professionals and researchers, but is readable by non-medical people (me) as well.

It should be required reading if you plan on using this product.


If you feel this skin cancer cream is something you want to use to get rid of your non-melanoma skin cancer, then do a search online.

I do not sell it, I’m simply passing the information on to you. It is easy to find and the price should be $126. That’s a considerable savings over the cost of Mohs surgery. You should not have to pay anymore. 

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Updated July 1, 2015


Hi! My name is Nick and I’m 56 yrs. old and this is part of my story. Let me tell you, I was like a lot of people out there and I had no idea that skin cancer was anything bad. I had Basal cell back in 2007, but that was no big deal and it was removed and that was the end of that. No one told me that it was a type of skin cancer (I looked it up on my computer). But still no big deal, it would not kill me.
But I did know the word "Melanoma"....." --by Nick

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Our Cancer Stories are so similar, mine and Gary's! - by Valerie  

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Bottom Line
The Weather Channel has done well posting this information and photos to help you spot skin cancer, including melanoma.
It can be hard to spot, even for a professional.
The bottom line is to get an expert's opinion about any suspicious mole or lesion on your skin. If necessary, get a second opinion  and/or request a biopsy. it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t put your very life at risk!