Chlorophyll health benefits

I first learned about the chlorophyll health benefits through a friend I met in a Support Group in the mid '90's who told me about a product she was taking. It was called blue green algae and I had never heard of it before.

I'd shopped plenty of health food stores and never really paid attention to the chlorophyll supplements on the shelves.

Not knowing anything about them, I never considered them, ...after all, there are so many supplements out there and most of us don't know what each and every one of those products can provide, until you read some article ...or hear `first hand` someone's positive experience with it that ...YOU can relate to.

That's what happened...

Because she was a friend, I gave it a try just to see if it might make me feel better.

I discovered that it did help me, quite noticeably, in one area in particular.

Allow me to back up a little and give a little history for you to understand how it helped me.

I have to say that, generally speaking, I was already feeling pretty good considering how much the initial treatments took out of me. I was eating a very healthy diet and following the advice of several Macrobiotic Counselors.

A big problem I was having was that I could get so easily irritated at little things, the point where, even though I wasn't having any physical pain, I continued to let my medical doctor give me Prescription Pain Killers.

So rather than be irritated I would just take some medication. NOT A GOOD THING!

I told my Macrobiotic counselor and he told me what I could do in its place. I did it and I was able to stop the medications.

OK I stopped the pain killer medication but, still yet, I could still feel some Stress and anxiety in my life ...I still could be unnecessarily irritated and that Was Not Good.

The chlorophyll health benefits I first got

The first thing I noticed the most (and so did my wife) was that I just felt more "laid back"! I mean the little things that used to bother me so much were not such a big deal to me anymore. I felt, ...can I say happier? ...yeh! ..somewhat, and it seemed to put a little bounce in my step and just plain made me feel good. I loved it!

And honestly, I don't know whether the "feeling good" came from the chlorophyll health benefits or all the trace minerals in blue green algae.

Well, a couple years passed by, I didn't have much work and decided I couldn't afford it anymore. As time passed without it, I became my `same ole self` and later thought that I really needed to order some more blue green algae. This time when I searched on the internet I came across a new product called E3Live blue green algae with, probably better, chlorophyll health benefits.

E3Live is frozen; it's fresh-frozen and it arrives at your door "alive" in its freshest, frozen form. I guess for me, it's like going out to the garden and picking fresh kale or collard greens.

Needless to say, I started taking it and returned to my `new self`, ...ohh happy days!

I continued using E3Live as I could afford it, off and on, but since then, I learned there are other products available that will give you the chlorophyll health benefits as well.

Health food stores carry Chlorella and other Super Green Foods in powder or capsule form. They don't cost as much and have plenty of nutrients and the chlorophyll for my blood that I want/need.

All green plants have some chlorophyll and the highest concentrated sources are green leafy vegetables such as kale, sea vegetables, spinach, Swiss chard and other green vegetables such as green beans, green peas, olives, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, asparagus, celery and more.

My wife often has "greens" (in season) growing out in the back yard. When they're available I'll use them in fresh juices, smoothies or steam them. I don't really need to supplement very much during those times.

When I know I'm not getting enough from another source, I do prefer E3Live as being the best supplement source I have found.

I'm not sure if I could eat enough fresh greens to supply the amount and spectrum of nutrients that a little of E3Live does.

E3Live does supply a lot more valuable nutrients and trace minerals other than chlorophyl and I do benefit from them all.

Help for my Emphysema symptoms

One thing I didn't mention above is, at one point I started getting Pneumonia a result of complications from my initial cancer treatments; ...there's a lot in between the lines!

I started getting it so often that they discovered my lungs were damaged, significantly.

I was now living with emphysema and it was very noticeable in my inability to absorb oxygen. It affected my breathing and ability to complete a sentence without having to pause and catch my breath.

So when I was told about chlorophyll health benefits and the fact that it increases our red blood cells (hemoglobin) and improves oxygenation in our blood, I knew I needed this.

Having had lots of Radiation Treatment and been exposed to other toxic heavy metals, it interested me to learn of its ability to aid in the removal of these toxic heavy metals and provide healing.

I continue to find the chlorophyll health benefits in the greens my wife and I get from our garden and the store-bought green leafy organic vegetables and sometimes other supplements.

E3Live remains my number one choice. I definitely recommend it to anyone. But no matter what, just be sure you're getting your nutritious greens and chlorophyll from some source. Your blood and all of your body will thank you, especially if you keep doing it!

If you or anyone you know is living with Emphysema, there's another product I take every day, called CellFood that helps to increase the oxygen level in my blood and gives me more endurance without pausing as much to catch my breath.

I hope this helps someone ...and I'm always available at Contact Me if you need further information or have a question for me.

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