Most common causes of vitamin D deficiency

Number one, of the causes of vitamin D deficiency, would be a lack of moderate exposure to the sunshine.

In today’s widespread culture there is a lack of appreciation for the fact that regular sun exposure, in moderation, is the most beneficial source of Vitamin D that we as human beings have.

A problem we have is all of the fear-based hype we hear on the news, warning us of the dangers of the sun in relation to skin cancer.  For this reason, it’s not surprising to find so many people testing below the normal vitamin D level.

It's true that if a person is at high risk or already has/had skin cancer, especially if you were treated with radiation, then YES, take the extra precaution. I do!

 Otherwise, moderate exposure is the key.

Other common causes of Vitamin D deficiency

This would include:

•Spending days in the office

•Having a sedentary lifestyle

•Being home-bound and not able to get outside

•You live far from the equator


Whatever the reason, it is vital to your overall health to maintain an adequate level of Vitamin D in your system.

If you should find yourself with any of the most common symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency, then you must be sure to start getting enough every day.

A little sunshine goes a long way against fighting disease, including skin cancer!

 Inadequate vitamin D in our foods

It seems to be a sad state of affairs that we rarely find any foods that are not overly processed or genetically altered.

Where is the good sense in processing and removing natural vitamin D nutrients from foods and then fortifying them with pharmaceutically produced Vitamin D?

We simply cannot rely on getting an adequate supply of vitamin D from most of the food that's available nowadays.

Even fresh, quality fish only provides a small fraction of our Vitamin D needs.

It’s our responsibility to take care of our own health!

We still need to choose whole -healthy foods and be sure to get some moderate exposure to sunshine. Take some vitamin D3 supplements and you’re off to a good start.

 Lack of vitamin D supplementation

Another of the causes of Vitamin D deficiency would be a lack of supplementation with, preferably, a whole food supplement containing a sufficient amount of Vitamin D3.

Living in a fast paced world, you may give little thought to your health and you may or may not buy supplements for energy and nutrition. If you’re taking supplements, do you know if the supplements are giving you the Vitamin D that you need?

If you’re not getting any sunshine and there’s very little Vitamin D in your food, then an adequate amount of Vitamin D supplements is essential to maintain your health.

Without doing any of the above you’re a target for a vitamin D deficiency disaster!

Keep in mind, a whole food supplement is superior in quality than a pharmaceutically produced Vitamin D. You can find them in health food stores and online. You want at least 1000 IU's of Vitamin D3 every day. You would be doing yourself no harm to even increase the amount to 5000 IU’s daily.

The bottom line to eliminate the causes of vitamin D deficiency is:

1.Make an effort to have some regular, moderate exposure to the sun.

2.Eat natural healthy foods in their whole state that contain Vitamin D, but don’t rely on them to reach or maintain an adequate level. Eat a well balanced whole food diet with much variety.

3.Supplement with a whole foods source of at least 1000 to 5000 IU’s daily.

4.Finally, the only way to know if you’re deficient in vitamin d or not is to have a Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy blood test. 

Go to the Accesa Labs website for pricing and find out the nearest location for this bloodtest. 


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