The best vitamin supplements

People ask about the best vitamin supplements they can take to help with a vtamin deficiency.

They may be wanting to prevent, fight or recover from a chronic disease and ensure a better quality of living. 

Here, in one sentence, is what I say.


First of all, you have to take good care of yourself, eat well and live a healthy lifestyle!

Choose fresh vegetables and fruits grown locally and in season as much as possible.

Then use vitamin supplements to ensure an adequate amount of nutrition in your body to make up for the deficiencies of the food.

We're all different and have different vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Many people are found to be lacking in Vitamin D, because of a lack of moderate exposure to the sun.

You can be tested to learn what vitamin/mineral deficiencies you have.

The following are some of the best wholefood vitamin / mineral supplements that I, personally, have used through the years.

The best vitamin supplements that have worked for me

The Vitacost website is the best site I have found, containing most of the products I have used and continue to do so.  

I've been impressed to find so much on one site and happy to see how much I could save with all the sales they have and on shipping. I've received my orders very quickly.

They have lots of whole food supplements in many different brand names like Garden of Life, New Chapter, Aubrey Organics skin care as well as their own Vitacost brand, all of which are quite reasonably priced and sometimes lower than what I was previously paying online or at a local store.

Also, don’t underestimate the Vitacost brand.

Some products that I use regularly, because they work so well for me, are Newlife Digest More Ultra, Men’s Multi-Vitamins and Women’s Multi-Vitamins for my wife as well.

They have plenty of incidental items as well such as sunscreen (babies and adults), coconut oil, protein powder, snacks, etc. They claim to have nearly 40,000 products online.

I’ll explore more of the site as the need comes.

You can find what you're looking for, specifically, by just typing in the Search and Click!

It’s not hard to qualify for Free Shipping.

 I haven't been disappointed; give it a try next time you're ready to order some supplements.

Next best vitamin supplement

The next supplement that made a difference for me was E3Live, a blue green algae.

A friend of mine told me about how blue green algae provides intestinal flora (good bacteria/probiotics).

I found it by doing a search on the internet. I tried it and I soon found other benefits as well. I don’t know how to explain it, other than I really felt good. With little things that used to irritate me before, I could just remain calm and laid back.

The company prides itself in the quality and pureness of E3Live. As far as the people in the company, they are courteous and go the extra mile (and beyond) to satisfy you. Shortly after I began using this product I called to compliment them on their product. I ended up speaking to Tamera Campbell, the CEO and owner of E3Live. She offered as much help to me as she could,  pertaining to my specific concerns. I’m sure we talked for at least an hour. How many CEO’s would give that time to someone who is randomly calling in.

I don’t hesitate to recommend E3Live for your health and well being! It is undoubtedly among the best vitamin supplements, chuck full of trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and chlorophyll making it truly a worth-while anti aging product, as well.

Cell Food - another of the best vitamin supplements

About 10 years ago, I was looking for a product that might help me absorb more oxygen, because of emphysema.

I read a long report about Cell Food on the internet and gave it a try. I was surprised at the immediate results I noticed.

The first was an increase in energy that happened right away. No waiting, more than minutes …I was energized right away.

The second was a definite increase in my oxygen. This happened right away also, although I had to wait until I was reading my daughter a bedtime story before I really realized it and said …wow!

Previously, reading her a story had become difficult. I could not finish a whole sentence without having to stop and pause. Now, I was able to complete a whole sentence before pausing, which made the story flow better, helping to create the interest. We both loved it!

Cellfood is a dissolved oxygen supplement with enzymes and amino acids  that, altogether, provides a wide range of benefits.

I very seldom miss a day of using Cellfood. You usually can find it for a pretty good price at

Facts about vitamins you should know

Other helpful websites and products that have helped me survive from stage 4 skin cancer since 1990

A gold mine.

I’m talking about Gold Mine Natural Food Company. If you are really serious about living a healthy life, you will be wanting to have many of these foods included in your overall diet. I do! Take a look for yourself.

Another site with high quality foods is Natural Import Company. They’ve changed ownership and names a few times since I started using them in the early 90’s, but it’s still the same high quality foods.

What I like about the above two sites is being able to buy in small or large quantities. They also offer discounts on quantity.


Our kitchen hasn’t been without a Vitamix since the early 90’s. I use it at least twice a day to prepare some specialty foods and to make really healthy shakes using fruit, vegetables or a combination of both. I usually throw my supplements in also, to make it easier for me. You may not want to do this, because you may not like the taste.

Taste doesn't bother me because I use a feeding tube for everything I eat or drink.

The Vitamix has been a life-saver for me.

Have you had an experience with any of the above products or would you like to share your experience with any other product you consider to be one of your best vitamin supplements?

Here's your chance, just below.

Have A Great Story About Your Best Vitamin Supplements?

Have you ever benefited with any of the products mentioned above or some other one that has helped you. Share your experience here!

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