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This entire website is written with original content from my own personal experiences with squamous cell skin cancer and additional information that took lots of reading and research to obtain .

This site is all about providing information, encouragement and support to all my readers concerned about skin cancer.

For your advertising, Skin-Cancer-Experiences is offering...

• In-Content Text Links

I will place a simple link to your site or service within a page of relative content on Skin-Cancer-Experiences. You can place a descriptive sentence or two in a spot you/I agree will be an appropriate spot on the page.

Simply provide me with the HTML code or the URL of the destination page along with the brief description and I'll put it live after your/my approval.

If your site or service can be related to ...and benefit visitors of Skin-Cancer-Experiences ...and you do not find any content on my site that seems appropriate to place your ad, let me know and I will consider adding a new page, as I add new content on a regular basis.

That is to say ...that if I cannot see the relevance of your site or service to my readers and their concerns about skin cancer, I will not consider adding a page. I reserve the right to reject any requests.


The price is only $13.50 per month ...or $150 for one full year in U.S. Dollars.

Prices are subject to change.

Payments are accepted via PayPal only.

You may cancel at any time and your link will be removed at the end of the last paid month. If you wish to cancel after paying one full year you will be charged at the rate of $13.50 per month plus a $5.00 cancellation fee. I will refund the remaining amount to your PayPal account.

At a later date as Skin-Cancer-Experiences continues to grow other types of advertising may become available here.

Would you prefer a partnership?

Rather than advertise here, would you be more interested in a reciprocal link?

Your website must be complementary and add true value to my readers, as well as mine to yours. Look my site over carefully, as I will be doing the same to yours before deciding to accept the offer/request.

Let's be sure we are not competing sites.

If interested, CONTACT ME.

When you do contact me, please include the URL of the site you are requesting me to link to. Without a URL or your email address does not include the domain name of the site, then your email will likely be deleted. Thank You.

Thanks for visiting!

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